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In February 2019, fantastical and fabulous stories created by the children through 6 months of workshops will be brought to life by professional international artists in a new performance with live music, and a public exhibition that depicts the local area with distinctiveness, humour and imagination.

As part of the process, young co-creators and futurologists from the two locations will get to exchange the stories and art they make with each other. Children, their teachers, their families and audiences will explore how they and their neighbours imagine the future. As part of New International Encounter’s (NIE) Creative Europe project I Will Be Everything, a German artist will work with the children and link to children from a primary school in Nuremberg. They will exchange ideas, objects, video messages and thoughts about their future between countries.

robot head
T - girls drawing
toby dance
t - girl under table
dance animation
full group
Lizzy plus group
Martin Doom
Housekeeper burrow
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